Creating a Meditative Space

Creating a meditative space is just as important as the internal work done while meditating. Of course there are no rules on when and where you should meditate. You can meditate in your car, at work, on your bed, or even on Hollywood Blvd during rush hour. But if you are beginning sadhana (daily spiritual practice) and would like to create a sacred space for your practice, here are a couple things to consider:

1. Choose a quiet space

Choose a meditation space that is not on your bed. This keeps the energy of sleep separate from the elevated frequencies of meditation. Also, consider the distractions you may have at the particular time of day for your sadhana. Will you be bothered by your dogs in the living room at 5am?ย  Make sure to choose a space with little distraction so you can truly go within to hear your voice.

2. Personalize your sacred space

Decorate your sacred space so it feels special to you, a space full of love and reverence. Use your imagination! You can add images of Buddha, Krishna, Jesus Christ, or any of the ascended masters to help guide and protect you in your practice. You can add flowers from your garden or precious healing gemstones. Make it feel like a space you are excited to wake up to every morning.

3. Smell the peace

Using incense or aromatherapy is a great way to bring your mind and body into bliss. Incense is also used as a way to keep the monkey mind’s attention away from the day’s to-do list. If your mind begins to wander, with each breath, gently guide your mind back to your present awareness by smelling the aroma of the incense graze across your nose and fill your lungs and belly. Use your sense of smell to bring you back into the present moment.

4. Feel the peace

Your space should feel special and sacred to you and only you. Use anything special to you that makes you feel comfortable. I like to sit on my favorite white, wool blanket when I’m doing my sadhana because it gives me a sense of protection and peace. I also like to use my favorite pagmina while meditating because I can use it to cover my head and also as a shawl to cover my body during savasana.

5. Take it with you while on the road

If you live a life of a nomad or you’re on an extended vacation and will be away from home for a while, then you can still continue your sadhana on the road by taking something with you from your sacred meditative space that will re-create the same energy. If you use an altar or shrine, you can take your favorite buddha statue with you, or you can take your favorite mala beads with you. Your sadhana can continue even when you’re away from home! Just take a special item with you and tune in to your elevated consciousness.


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