New Tunes Tuesday

I just finished watching Guru Singh’s profound interview with Tommy Rosen on the free online conference on healing and addiction: Recovery 2.0. [His interview, along with amazing other pioneers like Marianne Willamson and Christine Hassler, will be available all day today! Sign up and listen here.]

Guru Singh’s words ring so true to me. He talked a lot about the recovery process in terms of shifting the perspective of sensations like resentment and push-back and turning it into opportunities to grow into “the full extent of your abilities.” He is truly an inspirational speaker. If you have experienced any sort of addiction in your life (ie. addiction to your phone, body image, rehashing the past) I would encourage you to listen to all the experts at this conference because there is a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be heard and learned from.

In honor of Guru Singh and how much he moved me, today’s new tune comes from none other than the man himself. Enjoy!

Guru Singh, Seal, & Friends – Wahe Guru


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