7 Mindfulness Tools to Increase Productivity at Work

It’s simple. You are most productive when you feel less stressed, have a happy mind and a healthy body, right? Here are some tips to help you feel so great at work you will never have to count down to 5 pm again:

1. Set an intention

We access 1,000 thoughts per blink of an eye. Multiply that by how many blinks you take from the time you wake up in the morning to the time you get to work. That’s a lot of thoughts! Without discipline, our minds can attach to all sorts of thoughts that will affect the rest of our day. Setting an intention right before you begin work is a powerful way to cut through the thought-attachment-feeling cycle and start working from a neutral space; a space of balance. It can be as simple as setting a desired behavior; “Today I choose to respond, not react” or a goal; “Today I will smile at everyone I see.” Set the intention and then watch as the universe works with you, not against you, for the rest of your day.

2. Re-mindful app

This is the greatest apple app for today’s busy working world. Set reminders on your phone for when to smile, laugh, be grateful, pause, listen, stretch, breathe, etc. AND you can share your act of mindfulness on facebook/twitter each time to remind others to do the same. Because let’s be honest, yogis in the Himalayas may have all the time in the world to be mindful of their actions, but today we have to deal with things like bills and clients. Hopefully these daily reminders will soon become daily habits.

3. Watch your posture

If you’re sitting at a computer all day, it’s important to take care of your spine and back. Write down times throughout the day to scan your body to make sure you’re sitting straight, spine in alignment, heart center open and lifted. Our bodies weren’t meant to sit on a chair for hours on end, so take time to stretch throughout the day to get the blood circulating.

4. Conscious eating

What we put in our bodies affects how we think and act. What kind of food do you have in your snack drawer? Do you provide a community candy bowl for (yourself) and the entire office? Replace the candy bowl with a year round Easter basket filled with hard boiled eggs! However if you choose to do so and your coworkers stop speaking to you, then maybe start small– try eating a healthy, light lunch (skip the carbs) to avoid the 2 pm slump.

5. Lunchtime yoga

There are plenty of yoga studios and/or yoga teachers that will be more than happy to bring yoga classes into your workplace. It’s a great way to give everyone a midday boost of energy while relieving the stress from a crazy morning. If you’d rather do it solo, or if there are no yogis in your area, there are plenty of websites that offer yoga classes online for free—for starters, try YogaGlo.com to stream online yoga classes in lots of different styles.

6. Breath of fire

It takes 3 minutes for you to change your energy from something negative to something positive. If you are feeling tired or burnt out, doing breath of fire for 3 minutes can give you a surge of energy needed to tackle your to-do list for the rest of your day.

7. Change limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs constantly float around our minds tempting us to talk to them. The belief that “I am not good enough” can become your reality when a coworker or boss rejects your proposal and you feel inadequate. The belief that “I am a bad public speaker” can become your reality when you feel anxious about giving a presentation. It takes time to change these limiting beliefs that have grown very powerful since birth, but the first step is to recognize when these limiting beliefs are creeping in your mind and to replace the belief with its exact opposite – I am good enough; I am a great public speaker. Even if you don’t believe it when you tell yourself this the first time, you will begin to believe it if you are committed to replacing the belief with something positive and true.

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