What is the Aquarian Age and Why Should You Care?

The tagline for this website is “Blissful Living in the Aquarian Age” and I know some of you are wondering– what does that even mean?

From a yogic perspective, Astrological “ages” proceed in the opposite order as the zodiac. We just ended the Piscean Age and entered the Aquarian Age around November 1991.

The Piscean age is associated with a lot of attributes that are similar to what we learned about in school. It was the age of information, technology, man power, and exploitation. In the Piscean age, God was something experienced outside of us (in church, in the heavens, etc), and not something experienced in our hearts.

The Aquarian age is a return to love and unity. It is an age where people experience the god within themselves and live from the heart rather than the mind. Yogi Bhajan said the Piscean Age will change from the motto “I want to know, please help me” to the Aquarian Age motto of “I know, let me help take you there.”

For me, the Aquarian Age represents everything about the world we are living in. There’s so much suffering, hate, war, fear, stress, disease…both in our internal world and external world. The rate at which we are killing our planet and killing ourselves seems to be exponential, like we are nearing the edge of an evolutionary cliff…

Yet with all this garbage out there, there are many people who sense this shift and are healing themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. People are slowly starting to eat better and taking control of their sense of self. THAT is what the Aquarian Age symbolizes for me: people doing their part to heal themselves internally so we can all see our world healing externally.

And with this website full of self healing tips and tricks, I hope to continue healing myself and healing others as we move forward into the Aquarian Age.

I know Marianne Williamson is ready for this change, are you ready?

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