Sukhdeep Tracy Huang – No one can be better at you than YOU

How did yoga find you?

It was during my second year working full time post-college. I was so stressed out working in investment banking in Hong Kong. Then I took a yoga class at a gym and I just remember it being the coolest thing ever! It was such a relief; I really liked how it felt. I was working out at the time but it wasn’t giving me the same kind of relief from the stress that I was looking for.

What made you go to that yoga class?

I don’t remember having a desire to try yoga. No one around me was touting the benefits of yoga. I don’t remember going to the class, but I do remember how I felt about it and wanting to share it with everyone. I just knew that with yoga, there was something to it.

While you were working in the corporate world, did you feel like something else was calling you?

Yes very much so. I always felt like I was living in two different worlds. Naturally, I look and feel like something else that is not represented at the work place. Growing up, I danced, did drill team, and had years of training in painting. I followed the path of a 4-yr college and got a “good job.”  So I explored within that structured, mainstream environment in the corporate world. But my work always took over my life. I always wanted to be happy and have a balanced life but I could never find that in the corporate world. Now I’m building my own business based on conscious marketing. Making videos, photos, graphic design– very right brained stuff. And at the same time, using my organization and planning skills to plan these grassroots events dedicated to building a conscious community. We work a lot with entrepreneurs and small businesses, raising the vibration while also spreading the teachings of Kundalini Yoga because it’s such a helpful tool. No one can be better at you than YOU. YOU choose what you want to experience and the challenges you want to take.

When did Kundalini Yoga find you?

May 2012. Prior to Kundalini Yoga, I was fully into the salsa dancing scene. It was my stress relief. Then I came back to yoga and didn’t find a yoga studio that fit me. In May 2012, Kundalini found me through Groupon! From the moment I stepped into the studio, it felt dead on right. I trusted my intuition with that feeling because my intuition has always been right.

Tell me more about that first Kundalini class.

I knew throughout the years that I wanted to do teacher training but I never looked into it deeply. But with Kundalini, just after the first 5 classes, I knew that that’s what I wanted to study. Then summer came around and I got sucked into the maya. I was not conscious enough to take myself out of it. At that time I just consistently kept seeing the depth of a tormented soul. So I got so wrapped up in this and didn’t sign up for teacher training when it started. When I had to sit with myself, I asked, “what is it that I need right now or what would make me the happiest?” Instantly, the answer was teacher training. Literally that week, I tried sadhana, did white tantric, and signed up for teacher training even though I was 3 months late! When I make up my mind and make a commitment, then I am fully determined and ignored all the fears.

How has Kundalini affected your life?

Kundalini has really healed me to have the full courage to follow my creativity. Everything that I thought or was talked out of before, I am pursuing now. Prior, I felt like I didn’t have 100% courage or faith in myself. That 100% trust and complete love for myself wasn’t there. Kundalini fixed all this for me. Your nervous system and your sympathetic and parasympathetic systems are healed and strengthened. And every time you practice, you strengthen this even more. You are more dedicated to yourself and committed to yourself. I still have fears and trust issues which is something that I consistently work on. But I have the courage to continue this path.  Since I started Kundalini, I created One Consciousness of Love and Light, which has led me to my partner and boyfriend Crisanto, which has also led us to be involved with a great team of people who have the same ideals of being connected and responsible for each other.

What does Sat Nam mean to you?

It’s YOUR truth. Only you know and feel what it is. It might not make sense to anyone, and it doesn’t have to! You’re not answering to anyone, you’re answering to your soul and your spirit. There’s that intuition inside you, guiding you, so listen to it. I’ve never asked my intuition for guidance but I’m learning to open those channels again.

Do you have a favorite kriya or meditation?

I really like a lot of them and try to use whichever one my body needs. I’m still working on the distance between my navel point and my heart. I work on my navel because that’s where your power center is and I know from my history I’ve fallen from my clarity. So I’m conscious of this and don’t want to veer off the path again. Also, I work on my heart chakra. With all the experiences I’ve been through, I always want to lead with my heart but my analytical mind tells me differently.

Knowing who you are now, what advice would you give yourself before you started this conscious journey?

Commit and fully love yourself.  The biggest message I learned came to me during teacher training last year. It’s Gandhi’s quote: be the change you seek. So, it starts with YOU. Start by healing yourself. Be so head strong and envious of yourself because you and your ideals can change the world. And it all starts by being able to love yourself fully. There are so many ways to appreciate life! Have faith that it will all work out.

“Sukhdeep” Tracy Huang is honored to be an active KRI certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga and to be sharing this amazing ancient science. She is inspired to build strong relationships & partnerships within a conscious community to uplift & serve others. Sukhdeep Tracy is the Creative Strategist of LiveFreeProductions. Upholding sacred commerce, she designs digital interactions through identity branding, social media strategy and creative content design in videos, photos & graphic. Sukhdeep Tracy is also the Event Director of Yoga Rocks the Park Orange County. Yoga Rocks the Park is a nationally-renowned outdoor, live music + yoga and wellness celebration series in over 15+ cities across the U.S. By trade, Sukheep Tracy is a unique versatile creative professional across technology and media platforms: designer, editor, producer, analyst, strategist, and team leader. By spirit, she is a deep yogini, world traveler, fusion foodie and dreamer. “I believe that a balance of innovative technologies and progressive mantras can revolutionize conscious capitalism and humanity.” Connect with Sukhdeep Tracy at:

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