YogaGlo – A Review

I’ve recently been using YogaGlo for my own in-home practice and love everything it offers to the modern yogi. I am in no way affiliated with YogaGlo but wanted to offer my personal review of the company and service:


The caliber of teachers on YogaGlo is just unreal. Kathryn Budig, Dharren Rhodes, Elena Brower (my personal favorite, she is a goddess) —you can take classes with some of the best yoga instructors in the world, all in the comfort of your own home. These teachers have years of training and teaching experience. Rest assured you will be getting top quality instruction at a reasonable cost.


How many times have you wanted to go to a yoga class but the time didn’t fit with your schedule? Or wanted to take a quick 15 minute class right before bed? Or a 10 minute pranayam in the morning? You can take any class you want at your own leisure. And not only do they have videos of yoga classes, but they have instructional videos too. Learn how to do surya namaskara correctly on your own time. Learn how to breathe and meditate correctly on your own time. You have access to a wealth of yogic knowledge at any time of the day!


Since I mainly practice Kundalini, I’m only beginning to scratch the surface with my asana practice. When I take a hatha class at a studio, I’m reluctant to try new binds or asanas because of the incessant chatter of my ego keeping me trapped in fear and judgment (I know—I’m working on this). I love using YogaGlo because I can experiment with new asanas in the comfort of my home. I can fall on my ass and laugh at myself without worrying about anything else but my own process.


Compared to most monthly package deals, $18/month is a steal. Some studios charge that price for a single drop in class!


I always tell students who are new to yoga to try different styles and find one that resonates with them. The styles of yoga vary just as much as styles of poetry. There are some that are spiritual and some that are more physically demanding. Find one that best suits your needs! YogaGlo offers 12 different styles to choose from (although there are many, many more than just 12). And you can also filter your search depending on what you’re looking for – a particular style, teacher, level, or duration.


One of the best parts of going to a yoga class, in my opinion, is feeling the group energy of the class. There’s a level of solace and comfort knowing you are engaging in your own practice and your own journey while everyone around you is going through something similar. Feeling the determination or release from the person next to you can inspire you to keep moving forward. You won’t get this kind of group energy while taking a class online.


One role of a teacher is to make sure students are practicing yoga safely. Teachers offer modifications, fix your form if necessary, and answer any questions you may have. YogaGlo works for me because I practice yoga regularly, but I imagine it would be difficult for the beginner student who has little experience and many questions. If you are a beginner, I would recommend taking classes at a studio either before or concurrently with YogaGlo to talk to someone about any health concerns or questions you may have.


YogaGlo is a great tool to use if you’re really busy or trying to find a way to save money while still engaging in your practice. These days, you can learn anything on your own—the information is out there freely for your use. But the community aspect of yoga is missing when you choose to develop your practice all through online instruction. At a studio, you can meet like minded people who are as committed to their personal and spiritual growth as you. You can make lasting friendships and build your own sangat, or spiritual community. This, to me, is so special that you can’t put a price tag on it. Nothing that YogaGlo offers can compare to the sense of community when going to an actual yoga studio.


Although they have the creme of the crop when it comes to yoga instructors, they don’t have a huge selection to choose from. If you’re looking to take a Kundalini class, Kia Miller is the only teacher you can choose from. And if you want to try Iyengar, you can only take a class with Marla Apt. Granted, they are amazing teachers. But they are definitely not the only ones that exist.


YogaGlo recently got their patent approved for the way in which they film their classes. Patenting Yoga? Didn’t they learn anything from the media outcry over Bikram trying to copyright hot yoga? Coming from a legal background, I understand the purpose of protecting what you create. But what I don’t understand is why this desire for protection needs to be introduced into the yoga community. Yoga and the law just don’t mix. They claim that “by protecting our company, we are bringing yoga under the basic standards of integrity that apply to business, and in turn, creating more legitimacy for yoga.” But who benefits from this legitimacy? And frankly, who cares about its legitimacy? Yogis don’t care. We care about the legitimacy it has in our hearts, not with the law. Unfortunately, I think YogaGlo fell under the pressure of their money hungry, ego filled attorneys.

I personally choose to continue to support them because of their incredible teachers and service, regardless of their business practices. You are free to make your own informed decision, but I do think YogaGlo is worth giving a shot.


4 responses to “YogaGlo – A Review

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  4. Thank you for the thoughtful review! I’m at home with a new baby and my yoga studio budget has been sacrificed in order for me to be a stay at home mom. Your review was just what I was looking for! I’ll be signing up for Yogaglo for sure.

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