Sedona Yoga Festival – Do’s & Don’t’s

I was lucky enough to attend the 2014 Sedona Yoga Festival and made lots of great memories that I will take with me to the grave (kudos to Crisanto from the yoga DJ duo MentalPhysix)! I met the amazingly talented photographer Robert Sturman, learned about Hindu deities, and had a medium do a reading of my friends and I in front of 50 people…just to name a few. I have a huge smile on my face just thinking about it all!

If you find yourself at the Sedona Yoga Festival next year (or any other yoga festival) here are some Do’s and Don’t’s to help you prepare for the ride:

1. Eat consciously  

You may be waking up early to do sadhana and then running to workshops all day from 8am – 8pm. Make sure your body is nourished to withstand the changes in temperature, time, and energy. Maybe skip the heavy carbs and fried food for the weekend. Check out ChocolaTree for the tastiest organic vegan/vegetarian food in Sedona! Grab an Ayurvedic libation specific to your dosha and don’t forget to buy some of their homemade raw chocolate on the way out.

2. Hydrate

This goes without saying, but higher vibrations may cause you to feel light headed. And if you’re doing back-to-back yoga classes, all the more reason to drink plenty of water! This year the festival graciously gave every participant free Langenburg Oxygen Water that seriously tastes like diamonds. Check out their store locator to see where you can purchase some for yourself.

3. R & R

Take some time for yourself to process the entire experience. Write it down, meditate, relax on the grass. There will be lots of movement around you and it’s important to keep yourself balanced by honoring yourself and your needs– even if that means a 20 minute power nap!

4. Explore

There will surely be lots of workshops, events, and yoga classes that will take up your entire day. But Sedona is such a magical place that you HAVE to make time to explore the surrounding environment. Our group took time to hike to all the popular tourist spots and even snuck in a couple minutes of Long Ek Ong Kar’s at Airport Vortex. Even though we may have missed part of the festival, nothing beats making long lasting memories with the unquestionably breathtaking Sedona landscape.

1. Set Expectations

Don’t have any expectations. None at all. Resist the temptation to hype up the experience! Go into it with a completely open mind and open heart. You will be amazed at what you walk away with when you allow yourself to surrender.

2. Compare Experiences

Sometimes I found myself comparing this festival to other “festivals” I’ve been to in the past. When I started comparing, I was either happy with something or let down by something….the way a teacher was teaching, the way the festival was organized, the way the festival looked, etc. Watch your thoughts, because the comparison game is breeding grounds for useless, negative judgment. And no one likes a debbie downer when you’re walking in bliss!

3. Play it Safe

Don’t stay in the comfort zone of your LuLulemon pants and regular flow class—you can come back to that when you get home. This is a once a year experience, why not try something new? Ever want to try Acro Yoga? Learn about sacred geometry? Learn to dance with fire? Take some workshops and yoga classes that you wouldn’t normally take! What do you have to lose?


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