Sambazon 3 Day Cleanse – A Review

SambazonCleanseI just finished the 3 day Sambazon Cleanse and it was surprisingly easy…and enjoyable! When I bought it, I thought it was a full out juice cleanse with no solid foods– that idea scared me a little. But this cleanse comes with a meal plan where you actually get to eat fruit, veggies, nuts, and other whole foods.

I’ve done a 3 day Master Cleanse before, the 3 day Shakeology Cleanse, and the Whole 30/Paleo challenge. For all 3, I started with the mindset that it was going to be a challenge. But since I could enjoy a nice salad on this cleanse, I felt differently about this one. Solid food? Only 3 days? Psh, EASY.

I’m sure the confident attitude helped because I’m on day 4 and my body told me to continue the cleanse for another day. We’ll see what it says tomorrow!

DAY 1:

Juice #1 tastes like what you drink on the master cleanse. Lots of cayenne pepper—nice kick! I had a couple almonds in the morning and I felt full. For lunch, I modified the beet salad in the meal planner and made my own. I didn’t have any beets, so I subbed some onions and red peppers instead. I Ate lunch with juice #2 around 3pm. I would’ve thought Juice #2 would be thicker, considering the kale. But it’s actually quite light, almost like flavored water. I was quite full until around 6pm and that is when I drank juice #3. Now THIS was a sweet surprise! Juice #3 is SO GOOD. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake. Mmmmmm…just thinking about it makes me want some more. This drink is full of yummy nuts and cocoa and kept me full for hours later. It was almost an uncomfortable feeling of being full, which was strange because I rarely ate anything today. Maybe it was from all the juice? As far as energy level goes, my body felt like it was tired but my mind was alert. It took me a while to fall asleep.

DAY 2:

My bladder woke me up this morning; too many liquids from the day before. I drank juice #1 and forgot how spicy it is from the cayenne pepper, but I appreciated the heat to fire up my body. I ate a handful of almonds and was still insanely full until lunch. I started to get hungry around 2pm, so I had another kale salad and drank juice #2. I modified the kale salad in the meal planner and added shredded carrots, sliced red peppers, green onions, and used olive oil/lemon as my dressing. After drinking juice #2 today, my energy level shot through the roof like I just drank a cup of coffee (and I don’t drink coffee so this energy buzz was a little overwhelming). Maybe I should’ve ate breakfast? In any case, it beats feeling tired! I drank juice #3 around 6pm and it held me over for the rest of the night.

DAY 3:

The lack of nutrients caught up to me today. I was so insanely tired after my yoga class and felt my muscles working extra hard the entire time. Drank juice #1. That made me feel better, but I got super hungry within the next 30 minutes. I ate an orange and a handful of almonds. For lunch, I had another kale salad and added half an avocado which was soooooo delicious! But I added too much salt so my tummy wasn’t very happy. Drank Juice #2. In the afternoon, my body was tired, groggy, and I was craving something sweet. I ate a handful of almonds and 2 Medjool dates. That brought me back to a happy place (what can I say, I am a simple girl). I just F8cking adore dates. If I were stranded on an island with nothing but a pile of dates, I would be happy. This held me over until dinner-ish when I drank juice #3. For dinner, I had every intention of making the cauliflower/zucchini soup for day 1, but that damn juice made me so full again that eating it would make me feel miserable. I felt like bouncing off the walls for the rest of the night, and it took me longer than usual to fall asleep.


My body feels lighter and my mind feels clear and alert. Kind of what I expected after doing this cleanse. But I did learn something new: my body can feel full and satisfied without eating solid food. I can get full off liquids and smaller portions and I actually feel energized after I eat, not like taking an hour nap. (Maybe I’ll do a full 7 day juice cleanse in the future??)

I would definitely recommend this cleanse to anyone interested, especially since this one is really accessible (you can buy it at Costco) and reasonably priced ($15). If you do decide to take the plunge, here are some things to consider:

1. Follow the meal plan!

Even if you feel full from the liquids, if you limit your calorie intake too much like I did, you will probably end up grouchy/groggy/tired the last day.

2. Shake well before you drink.

I didn’t shake the containers until day 3 (the “shake well” instructions are so small!), so I probably missed out on a lot of good nutrients the first 2 days. Don’t make the same (arguably stupid) mistake I did.

3. Take a multivitamin.

I take a multivitamin everyday (One A Day – Active Metabolism) and I think it helped mask any tiredness I had throughout the day. Green tea would be another good option to keep your energy levels stable.

4. Write down your intentions for doing this cleanse.

I’m a huge believer in action with a purpose. That purpose will keep you motivated when you feel like you want to stuff your face with salted caramel ice cream. So if your intention is to cleanse your body and give your digestion a break, honor that intention and write it down. If your intention is to do the cleanse to get over a weight loss plateau, honor that intention and write it down. It seems like a small step, but having something to remind yourself why you are going through this cleanse may give you that extra bit of motivation when you feel like giving up.


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